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The Quarrel Over A Monument: President Arroyo Spurned, And Scorned

August 23, 2009

It’s that type of a story that can be seen as both petty and nationally symbolic: the simmering squabble over Malacanang’s insistence to fund, and build, a monument honouring President Cory Aquino.

cory noynoy montage

The Aquino clan had earlier spurned the offer of the government of the day to sponsor a State Funeral for the woman who defeated the Marcos dictatorship, deeply hurt by the ill-considered withdrawal of Mrs. Aquino long-serving close-in bodyguards.

While the Aquinos have accepted the offer of family friend, Manila mayor Alfredo Lim to build a monument for the late president using his own money, Sen. Benigno Aquino III heaped scorn on the tribute advanced by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo:

I remember our joke when I was still young. Konting bato, konting semento, magiging malaking bato (A little rock, a little cement, become a big rock).

It would be useless to erect a monument while we do not practice the right governance. The country needs an administration of good governance, and not someone who builds monuments.

You know, before, she (Arroyo) was endorsed by my mother.

My mother is close to God but she sometimes makes mistakes.

Just like me, I made a mistake of voting for her. EDSA 2 promised a change in governance when Mrs. Arroyo took over.

But unfortunately, I have not seen that.

There has been a worsening of what was being complained about in EDSA 2. And we don’t even see a desire to fulfil them.

She should not only give motherhood statements.

Mas-matutuwa ang Nanay ko kung susundin niya ang pamamalakad na nagpapakita ng good governance, hindi “yong politics of survival (My mother will be happier if she promotes good governance.

arroyo cerge montage

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde:

We are very sad to hear that kind of commentary from the good senator Noynoy Aquino. We can assure him at the end of the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, those who voted for her in 2004 will not regret their choice.

We would like to assure Noynoy Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is one with his mother sa pagtaguyod ng demokrasya at pagtaguyod ng mabuting pamamahala for good governance (We would like to assure Noynoy Mrs. Arroyo is one with Mrs. Aquino in upholding democracy and good governance).

Of course the president has already decided to do this (build a monument for Pres. Aquino) and I think this is not more for us, (this is) especially for the future generation, the government of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has decided to honor the memory of President Corazon Aquino appropriately.

Remonde could have limited his somewhat polite retort at that, given Malacanang’s decision to go ahead with building the monument whether the Aqunos agree or not.

But the good press secretary had to make a somewhat tortured comparison that’s debatable to say the least:

I think there are many things that President Arroyo and the Aquinos have in common.
I mean adherence to the ideals of democracy, good governance, public service, preferential option to the poor and the President has continues to focus and dedicate her efforts towards this end and towards these goals.
The President had made all the right moves insofar as these issues are concerned and I believe that these things will naturally come to pass after the instant passion of the moment. The gestures of the President towards the Aquino family are sincere.

Just get on with it, Sir Cerge. rather than leave the impression of having a foot-in-mouth ailment.

Nuff said,

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  1. August 24, 2009 12:21 am

    I came from the Aquino Museum in Tarlac today – and learned a lot about The Aquino’s… THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON!

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