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Outgoing Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza Goes Topless (Updated)

August 24, 2009


Striking while the iron is hot is what it’s about.

Having just relinquished her crown to another Venezuelan, Dayana Mendoza is not just goung to sexily face into the sunset.

Red-blooded males the world over will be ogling at her curves and more in next month’s issue of the racy magazine Maxim.

And Danaya says the eye-popping photo shoot was endorsed by the Miss Universe organization, which is owned by Donald Trump.

In her own words:

I never stop taking my clothes off and I’m very glad I got to do it. No, they supported me a lot and helped me to get my photos in there in Maxim. And I say this is what we want, we want to show people that it’s fine to take your clothes off while you’re not showing too much. It’s gracefully done, it’s tasteful and it’s fashion. It’s beautiful and there is nothing wrong with that. Beauty queens don’t have to follow the same 20 years ago stereotype anymore.


Nothing more to be said.


Now fully clothed, the pleasingly bubbly Ms. Mendoza has become a thoroughly engaging salesperson for the Venezuela firm Smartmatic.

The company is one a charm offensive to convince the government that it can “get a good deal” if it buys the poll automation gear that was leased foe PhP 7.2-B in the May elections.

Let’s see.

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  1. attymariz permalink
    June 17, 2010 7:51 pm

    I thought am reading an FHM blog. Anyway, she’s thin ha, kulang sa laman. LOL!

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