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Of Smart-Alecky Remarks, Vacuous Attempts At Fence-Mending, And ‘Ass-hollery’: Erap, FVR, And Gabby Claudio

August 25, 2009


There are really days when ordinary Filipinos like this writer curse and ask WTF did we do to deserve political leaders who make a fool of themselves by ‘shooting from the lip’ with ill-considered remarks that boomerang and create problems were there were none.

Case # 1 :

Former president Estrada blurting out the a wise crack saying he would handily beat former president Fidel Ramos if they ran against each other next year, describing FVR as  “amoy lupa na ((literally, smelling like soil, which implies that one has a foot in the grave) .”

Not only is such an ‘Erap-tion’  grossly unbecoming of Estrada given how he wants to regain political honor, but it has elicited a challenge from Ramos himself:

If he (Estrada) wants, the two of us could run from Malacañang all the way to Tanay, Rizal. But of course, not really running all the way… some might collapse. I’m giving him a lead of six years of age.

I was not impeached. I was not charged in court for plunder. I was not convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment. That is his piece of cake.

Mr. Estrada will have to concede right off that he wouldn’t have a chance in hell to beat FVR  in such a physical contest.

Case # 2:

Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs Gabriel Claudio: I don’t think senior citizens will find that (Estrada’s recent references to former President Fidel Rasmos’ age) amusing. it That “might have been unduly personal and uncalled for.

I wonder if Erap would care to engage FVR in a friendly, dispassionate debate about real issues affecting the country just to see if FVR is too old for him. Estrada has “a unique way of inspiring unity within the opposition and convincing them to rally behind a single candidate. Estrada “has actually been competing with other opposition ‘presidentiables’ and gloating over his popularity at their expense. The more he threatens the opposition about his running, the more presidential candidates emerge. The administration coalition is just sitting back and enjoying the spectacle.

At first reading you might think Mr. Claudio got his licks in Against Erap.

But all that he has done is tried to ingratiate himself toward his former boss who just the other day rejected the offer to be the poster-boy of Partido Lakas-Kampi (Palaka), the pet project of Claudio which subverted the political party Ramos himself founded.

Claudio gloats about the lack of unity in the political opposition while failing to notice how the latest Social Weather Station survey that gave aspiring administration bets Gilbert Teodoro and Bayani Fernando cellar-level scores.

So between Erap Estrada and Gabby Claudio, do we deserve these exercises in verbal, if not mental vacuity?

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