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Of Political Deadwoods And Driftwoods: Chronic Absenteeism In The 14th Congress

August 26, 2009

driftwoodno quorum grfx1

My dictionary tells me driftwoods and deadwood are two different things with driftwoods being discarded tree trunks which belong to either sea flotsam washed ashore while deadwood (an actual village in 19th century Dakota U.S.A. with dysfunctional institutions) is an idiom used for personalities in an organization that serve little or no purpose.

Non-performing assets, you might say.

nograles house caucus montage

Hearing Iloilo congressman Arthur Defensor being interviewed on DZMM radio this morning got me thinking:

The reason Speaker Nograles called an all party caucus last Monday was to appeal to our colleagues to attend sessions religiously so that important legislation can be studied properly in the face of excessive absenteeism.

Then Sefensor added:

I have been telling my friends, “please attend the sessions already. Jiust sacrifice a little anyway the 14th Congress will soon be over.”


The supposed lawmakers being asked “sacrifice” to do their jobs for which they collect zillions of pesos in pork barrel anyway!!!!

It’s even been reported that a congressman from Negros married to a sexy actress has never attended the session since after his election but has religious drawn his pork barrel!

The gravity of this problem is highlighted by the proposal now from Nueva Ecija’s Edno Joson for ‘No work, no pork’

Now ever the posturing statesman, Speaker Nograles even hastened to warn:

You cannot waive your pork barrel as it will deprive your constituency of funds they need for vital infrastructure and social services.

For good measure, the same lawmaker vowed:

In this upcoming trip of our dear President to Saudi Arabia and London, we will strictly review the list and make sure only the rightful members of Congress are with us.

Top quality BS, I say.

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