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Ralph Recto’s Mirage: Solons’ Pork To Be Trimmed Big (Updated)

August 27, 2009


He no longer heads the National Economic Development Authority but it was putative senatorial candidate Ralph Recto ‘announcing’ on TV this morning that Malacang is drastically trimming the pork barrel alloments of senators and congressmen in next year’s nearly P1.5-trillion budget:


From P70 million, each congressmen would receive P40 million, while senators will only receive P100 million each, or half of their P200 million pork barrel. We expect a bigger deficit next year.

We looked for ways on how to cut our debt, and one of them is [cutting in half] the pork barrel of senators and congressmen. The proposed 40 to 50 percent cuts in the pork barrel will translate to P8 billion to P10 billion in budget savings.

Malacañang also slashed the government’s 2010 spending for health, education and other basic services. The executive branch has to reduce the government’s spending in 2010 to avoid “mortgaging our children’s future.

The easiest thing to do would be to believe Mr. Recto and shower hosannahs on Malacanang for this stunt at fiscal prudence

But do’t bring out the marching bands just yet.

2010 is an election year and you’d be a fool to think our ‘honorable’ members of Congress would use their own personal moolah for electioneering, much less vote-buying.

The picture Ralph Recto is showing us is a mirage, nothing more.

Good luck with your plan to go back to high office Mr. Recto, after leaving the legacy of expanded value-added tax that’s now gleefully used by govertnment to dole out cash, also to boost its stock with voters.



As this corner reported 5 days ago, Mr. Recto’s ‘announcement’ of Malacanang supposed belt-tightening stunt was just a mirage.

So it is:

philstar page 1 sept 1 pork hiked cropped

Next lie please, Mr. Recto and company?

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