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Senate Hearing: Bayani Admits Pocketing Public Money

August 27, 2009

jinggoy bayan mmff gifts montage

The guy who now packages himself as every girl’s BF is staring graft charges in the face.

Yes, Mr. Bayani Fernando, Malacanang’s poster boy at the Metro Manila Development Authority admitted that he unblinkingly accepted a cash ‘birthday gift’ in four instalments from amusement tax earnings.

The tax collected from moviegoers is intended by law to be used for movie industry workers, among others.

BF, who says he is a cinch to win the presidency (based on his current survey score of 1%), even told Sen. Jinggoy Estrada he does not intent to donate the gift to charity, nor reject such cash gift in the future.

The voluble Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago was aghast at BF’s admission, describing it as a confession of taking public money for personal benefit.

No-brainer: the conclusion that BF can’t be your BF, or BFF even.

Bailiff, call the next case.

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