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Will Estrada Be Jailed Again?; Holes In Claims That Erap Masterminded Dacer-Corbito Murders

August 27, 2009

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Former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada was telling interviewers yesterday that he was 99.9% sure of running again next year because it looks certain the opposition will not unite under a single candidate.

Estrada was, of course, buoyed up by the latest opinion survey pointing to an Erap Estrada-Manny Villar face-off for the presidency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo says she will vacate on June 30, 2010.

But as Estrada was all but officially declaring his candidacy, not one but two former police officers were testifying court that it was Erap himself who ordered that killing of PR practitioner Bubby Dacer 9 years ago!

PDI PAGE ON ON MANCAO TAGGING ERAP croppederap-dacer-ping-screenshot

It’s now entirely possible that the direct testimonies of Cesar Mancao and Glen Dumlao will result in the former president to be indicted for the murderss of Dacer, and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.

I must, however point out two holes in the assertions of both Mancao and Dumlao.

  1. Mancaso admits his supposed knowledge of Estrafda’s order to have Dacer “neutralized” IS hearsay;
  2. In Dumlao’s claim that Estrada was code-named “Bigote” by then anti-crime task force chief (now Senator) Ping Lacson) is false. Estrada, as incumbent President at the time of the crimes, was officially referred to in security parlance as either “Code One” or simply “Zero-One”.

Will Estrada end up being locked up again?

Will his official implication in the Dacer Corbito murders now provide the deciding .001 % factor for his honor-redeeming run for President?

The only answer to both questions appear to be yes, with Mr. Estrada either being disqualified from running or actually running while being behind bars since murder is a non-bailable capital crime.

A most ominous scenario either way.

A final note.

This writer had the honor of working in the Estrada administration. Erap may have had many faults.

But if there is one thing he IS NOT is a murderer.

I most certainly believe Estrada is innocent.


Read the Mancao Affidavit here:

1st Update:

The former president was at the news forum of Senate reporters this lunchtime.

His reaction:

These are very simple hearsays and at the same time, a demolition squad that they are doing and I believe that it’s another diversion tactic to forget the $20,000 dinner. They are all baseless. Mancao even admitted that he never talked to me. The truth of the matter, I didn’t know him. As far as I’m concerned, wala sa lahi namin yan ha. Unang una, si Mr. Dacer is a very very close friend of mine, kumpare ko ng dalawang beses. Mayor pa lang ako ay barkada ko na siya at inaanak ko yung anak niya sa binyag [It’s not in our blood.

First of all, Mr. Dacer is a very close friend of mine. We have been friends since I was mayor, and his children were my godchildren]. Before nangyari sa kanya yun, nandun siya sa Malacanang kasmaa yung mga inaanak ko. Nagmeryenda pa kami dun so anong motibo para ako ma link dito sa slaying of my kumpare Bubby Dacer? Anong dahilan, anong motibo [Before that happened to him, he was in Malacanang with my godchildren. We had snacks there, so what could be the motive for linking me to the killing of my friend Bubby?

What’s the reason? What’s the motive]? Wala namang ginagawa sa akin. Maski mga reporter na kung anu-anong sinusulat laban sa akin, tinatawanan ko lang e lalo eto na wala namang ginagawa sa akin, walang sinusulat sa akin. So anong motibo? Bakit ako mag-uutos ng ganun [He has not done anything wrong to me. Even reporters who’ve written lies about me I just laugh off, more so him who has not done anything to me, written anything wrong to me. So what’s the motive? Why would I order this]?

Readers seeking a deeper perspective may care to click here:

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  1. January 19, 2010 7:54 pm

    Re this progress(?) about the Dacer-Corbito murder case: for once, the authorities– whether it´s the government or whoever has the jurisdiction over it– are apprently doing worthwhile. But this can also be too self-serving. For what have you done lately, Arroyo government and by extension, all incumbent politicians–for us to trust and believe you?

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