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Four ‘Dream Tickets’ For 2010 Emerge As GMA Anoints Noli De Castro

August 29, 2009

noli gma montage

The die is cast for journalist-turned-Vice President Manuel ‘Noli’ De Castro (and coming soon with the other presidential hopefuls).

He’s GMA’s ‘anointed one’ for the elections 9 months hence and with it goes De Castro finally shedding his independent political packaging in exchange for the backing, and funding, of the PaLaKa party in the May 20, 2010 balloting.

I predict now that De Castro will be paired with Interior and Local Government Secretary as his vice presidential running mate, while erstwhile presidential wannabee (Defense Secretary) Gilbert Teodoro will slide down to join the administration’s senatorial ticket, together with MMDA chair Bayani Fernando.


With De Castro as PaLaKa’s standard bearer the 2010 presidential derby will likely pit the following tickets against each other.
De Castro – Puno
Villar – Escudero
Estrada – Legarda
Aquino – Roxas

The operative factors for the four ‘dream tickets are:

1.    Their potential winnability for either the administration or ‘ununified political opposition.
2.    The opinions surveys pointing to the combined pluralities that the tandems could draw and translate into actual votes on election day
3.    The groundswell for the pairings, particularly in the pressure for Noynoy Aquino to continue his parent’s legacy and pressure for Mar Roxas to become this era’s Boy Laurel, setting aside his personal political ambition ‘for the greater good’;
4.    The political pragmatism factor:” no permanent enemies, only permanent interests,”
(particularly applicable here in the cases of Villar and Escudero, and to a lesser degree for the other pairings.

In the realm of possibilities, 5th or 6th alternative ‘straggler’ tandems could emerge in the ensuing weeks before, and immediately after the Nov. 30 candidacy filing deadline and February when the campaigns go into high gear, with the reality of lack of party machinery and component political war chest affecting the other aspiring candidates with ‘unwinnable’ survey numbers and mass bases.

Humbly posited.

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  1. edveecruz permalink
    August 29, 2009 11:28 am

    Sounds like a plausible scenario. But my guess, while we’re in a “predicting game,” is that the “Mar ticket” will be the other way around: Mar for President and Noynoy for Vice. My second guess is that the combination with the least chances of winning would be the Noli ticket (assuming we go full automation and the machines will not be hacked — in other words, no gross cheating). Yes, I believe the GMA-Broadband-Pidal-Jocjoc-Garci-Lying-Chacha-Le Cirque-Poverty-Corruption endorsement is the “kiss of death.” How can it not be?

    • August 29, 2009 11:35 am

      Hi Ed,

      If you’re somewhat familiar with my recent work you’d surmise we are essentially on the same page.

      The thing that bother me is it seems we are in a Catch 22 on the elections.

      If the AES is shot down the grizzled manuel elections cheaters will be bringing out the banda ng musiko and laughing all the way to the bank.

      If automateg Garci wins the day we could also be fucked, even sodomized.

      So how?

  2. edveecruz permalink
    August 29, 2009 1:55 pm

    Hi Ding!
    Yes, I am familiar with your work and thanks for sharing your blogs. If at the end of the day we still find ourselves stuck to “Garci” (at least we’ve managed to make his name a “word” that everyone understands to mean or imply “cheating” though I doubt if that causes him sleepless nights — as he chuckles), it would truly be sad, to say the least. We’ve been at this for almost a decade and now, so near yet so far! This is not rocket science — shading, scanning, consolidating, transmitting, etc. Good grief! Cheers!

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