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On Premature Campaigning, Use Of Public Money, And Excessive Adspends By 2010 Hopefuls

August 30, 2009

tony abaya montsage

The Manila Standard’s venerable columnist, Mr. Tony Abaya had an insightful take last August 27 on the trademark scathing denunciation of Senator Miriam Santiago of the big ad spenders among members of the Arroyo Cabinet for  electoral campaign ad rationalized as ‘infomercials’ for the agencies they preside over.

The officials’ adspends are reflected in the montage below and I’m deliberately not writing their names anymore for obvious reason:

top ad spenders montage 1top ad spenders montage 2

Suffice it to say that Sen. Santiago derided the Cabinet men as “thick-skinned rhinoceros.”

Quiet bitingly, Mr. Abaya additionally opined:

It is not just the erring government officials who should be the objects of Miriam’s thunderbolts. Opposition politicians who likewise insist on spending astronomical amounts of money in their pursuit of national offices, should get a similar message, beginning with Manny Villar who is said to have already spent P600 million in “infomercials” even though the campaign period has not even officially begun.:
Insist, and we will resist!
Premature campaign spending and astronomical campaign spending constitute the biggest single generator of government corruption in this country.

Well put, Sir Tony.

All that I have to add is an obvious, whether the monies for the political ads are public or private money, contributed or masked as public service commercials, thinking voters should reflect about just how those funds will be recovered or ‘repaid’ to contributors whether the political runs are successful or not.

No brainer, this is.

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