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Panahon Na!

August 30, 2009


Let me begin this Sunday post with a confession.

Three weeks ago, a long-time family friend and former senator called me on my cellphone as my and ‘Sunday Group’ of elders, where I’m the Benjamin, were breaking up after our usual austere lunch where we characterize our discussions as being ‘heated agreements’ rather than acrimonious debates.

The caller wanted to know the telephone number of a former top ranking official to try to get him to endorse a letter urging Sen. Mar Roxas to “slide down in favour of NBoyoy Aquino as the Liberal Party standard bearer for 2010.”

But while I was actually beside the official , I did not hand over the phone nor relay his contact numbers.

I was suspicious of the initiative, thinking that it smacked of political opportunism.

I also muttered under my breath, was Noynoy ready?

But now the events have changed dramatically with a snowballing campaign, a genuine groundswell to draft the only son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino to seek the land’s highest office.

My own humble perspective is shifting 180 degrees.

The man responsible is Edgardo ‘Ed’ Roces, the worthy son of Don Joaquin ‘Chino’ Roces.


Speaking to my former boss at the Associated Broadcasting Corporation (Sir Ed was president of ABC), made me realize how, in his words, Sen. Noynoy, “can revive the spirit of genuine People Power that toppled the Marcos dictatorship.”

“When those of us who belonged to the Cory Aquino for President Movement (CAPM) heard Noynoy at the funeral mass for his mom ar the Manila Catheral, we saw Noynoy come out of his parents; shadows, “ Roces told me.

“Here was a man bearing the biggest weight on his shoulder who can revive our dream, the dream of bring change that will end the corruption so pervasive in our society, the dream of progress that will give Filipinos jobs, and ending the oppression inflict on people who don’t have anything.”

Roces also had a confession of his own.

I don’t really know Sen. Noynoy nor have I spoken to him.

But our drive to gather one million signatures has seemingly taken a life of its own with people coming to us, people calling us, to share that they have the same dream as ours.

Armed only with our dream, and our abiding faith in the Good Lord, we will move on.

I agree with you, sir Ed.


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  1. bravos888 permalink
    August 30, 2009 2:40 pm

    Its time indeed…same here, PANAHON NA!!!!!!

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