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Noynoy Aquino Is (Almost) Ready To Do Battle:

September 2, 2009

mar korina insetted at club filipino withdrawal

The weekend is almost upon us with not a few either giddy or in a state of disquiet over the looming Aquino-Roxas opposition ticket in the polls just 8 months away.

Senator Noynoy Aquino is going on a spiritual retreat to firm up his acceptance of challenge now on his shoulders after Senator Mar Roxas’s withdrawal from being the Liberal Party’s standard bearer in his favour.

Even Malacanang has admitted that an Aquino-Roxas pairing is “formidable” and is admittedly a ‘game changer’ as par as the aspirations of other opposition wannabees go

mar no automatic veep deal with noy

Sen. Mar sought to douse assumptions that his running as Sn. Noynoy’a vice presidential running-mate is a done deal, even as the camp of former president Erap Estrate was unable to hide its disconcertion over the turn of events.

In the coffee shops today, there was even talk about a worst-case scenario where Sen. Roxas would altogether decide to just run for senator with his sights of the Senate presidency!

This writer doesn’t buy this speculation given how Sen. Roxas categorically said he would stand by Noynoy:

mar noynoy at club sept 1

Hindi kami maghihiwalay ni Noy. I will stand with him.

Roxas even went on to define their task:

We need a determined force for good far stronger than the festering evil around us.

Taking the good senator at his word, Sen. Noynoy held his own news conference this after at Clu Filipino’s historic Gabaldon Room where his own mother took her oath of office after defeating the dictatorship.

noy at club sept 2

I will be going on a spiritual retreat as I pray for discernment and divine guidance.

I urge you to pray with me so that you too can access your own readiness to take part in the long and difficult struggle ahead. We are hopefully in this together.

Short of declaring his presidential run Senator Noynoy told his audience:

…panahon muli para manindigan. Panahon ding para maghanda para sa isang mas mahaba at matinding laban kung saan walang bibitiw hanggang makamit natin ang pagbabagong ating hinahangad.

Di ko po tatalikuran ang hamong ito. Sana ay kasama ko kayong lahat sa laban na ito (It is again time to take a stand. It is time to prepare for a longer and more intense battle where not one of us will let go until we achieve the change we all aspire for).

Yes it is not a categorical statement.

But it is a declaration you can bet your last hard-earned peso on.

(The full text of Aquino’s statement at Club Filipino this afyernoon is her @ Tonyo Cruz’s blog:

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