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Sen. Chiz Escudero And The ‘Apokalipto’ YouTube Video: Prepping For His 2010 Bid (1st Update)

September 3, 2009

apokalipto montage 1apokalipto montage 2

The weekend is upon us and Filipinos unable to ‘unfocus’ themselves from politics to avoid stress.

Let me try to help by pointing you to a YouTube video that surfaced early this week: Apokalipto.

Pretty much sound like a Filipino version of the movie right?

While the video runs 33 sconds it’s too short to be a movie’s pre-release trailer but just right for a TVC.

Here are the two key message frames:

apokalipto montage 3

The dialogue between the young girl and the hooded, messiah-looking man who opens his roabe to revealing a bright, hope-filled looking flame goes thus:

Kayo po ba ang tutulong sa amin?
Tutulungan ko kayo na tulungan ang inyong sarili.


The YouTube  channel ‘Bagong Sigla’ puts itself in the category of People and Blogs.
So there.

Who’s political TVC is this then.

Closely listening to the man’s voice, seeing the hint of his nose, mouth, and chin, I can only conclude Sen. Chiz Escudero is the man in the bright orange robe, the trademark color of the Nationalist People’s Coalition.


Here is the logo of Sen. Escudero’s advocsacy site ChizNation and the flame frame’ from the YouTube video:

apokalipto montage 4

A final note: Sen. Chiz is turning 40 next month, exactly the minimum age set by the Constitution for any natural-born Filipino to run for the Philippines’ highest elective office.

So will Sen. Chiz Escudero’s birthday also trigger his bid for the presidency?

How will the revents earlier this week over at the Liberal Party impact on his and his political party’s plans?

A final question:

Could it happen that Sen. Chiz will team up with another presidential wannabee who’s declared that he is 99.9% sure of joining the 2010 presidential derby?

Who will slide down in this developing tandem?


This post no longer end with a question mark, with sources confirming to this writer that the Apokalipto YouTube video “is one of several final ‘studies’ for the launching TV ad that will saturate the airwaves on the 10th of October – the 40th birthday roll-out of Sen. Chiz Escudero’s presidential bid.

Unless plans change the official declaration will also kick off a youth caravan by ‘Chiz Nation’ the carrier NGO for the Escudero campaign.

Hush hush talks clothed with “full deniability” are continuing with the camp of another expressed wannabee, my sources tell me, but “there appears for forward movement.

An ABS-CBN News report this Saturday meanwhile quotes Escudero as making an oblique rejection of suggestion that he forego his big in favor of Sen. Noynoy Aquino:

Sa totoo lang, minsan lang ako magbibitiw ng salita.Kapag nakapagpasya na ako, misan ko lang sasabihin at paninindigan ko na iyon (I will speak only once.When I make a decision, I will say it only once and I will be firm about it).

On the ‘Apolkalipto’ video itself, I have confirmed that that symbolic bright flame that mirrors the Chiz Nation logo is the ancients Flipino letter Alibata – the K symbol of the Katipuan revolutionary movement against Spain.

Clearly the battle cry of Escudero is that of a youth-led ‘revolutionary’ socio-political reform platform for 2010.

There those, however, who are seeing a ‘messaging disconnec’t between the use of the doomsday adjective Apokalipto and the push positive governmental reform.

Let’s see how this will evolve over the next 8 months.

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