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An On-line ‘Stress Reliever’ Wows Pinoys On A Rainy Friday

September 4, 2009

gma stress relliever montage

Filipinos who hate rainy days on Fridays, our certified gimmick day, are looking for ways to relieve stress, right?

This is true specially today with typhoon Labuyo snarling traffic and triggerimg floods in low-lying areas of the metropolis.

Well, the Pinoy denizens of Facebook have a diversion.

We’ve no idea who crafted the shoot-em game which features not a BB gun or some other virtual firearm you can wield taking pot shots at moving ducks or such.

It’s a mouse click-driven  ‘stress reliever’ featuring a player-boxer and the caricature of  a lady resembling a lady politician.

You the boxer can alternately throw left and right punches as the target ‘tries’ to avoid them.

After throwing several dozen punches one can get antsy as the target remains unmarked.

But lo and behold, on the 100th punch that finds the mark the ‘winning’ political battle cry pops up ending the game.

A warning, though, don’t try this if your carpal tunnel syndrome is in the painful advance stage or your political sense of humor is non-existent.

You may not like the URL’s syntax.


Here’s to a reduced-stress, albeit, rainy weekend.

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