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The Chavit Singson-Rachel Tiongco Scandal Deepens; 3rd Update – Malacanang Tells Singson: Go On Leave, But Singson Says No

September 5, 2009

rachel and her men montage

Infidelity is a most sensitive situation between couples, and even in these less conservative times it certainly cuts both ways.

In Filipino culture, however, there is admittedly a double standard of sorts with men adopting an attitude of entitlement and acting with impunity as he ‘goes out with the boys for nocturnal gimmicks’ normally involving going to girlie to watch, and then some’.

Filipino wives, and girlfriends are, in contrast, ‘expected’ to simply be ‘domesticated’, looking after the kids and managing the household’.

By Rachel Tiongco’s account, she was all these to Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson for all the 17 years that they lived together as husband and wife, the union resulting in 5 children.

She was 19 when she met the handsome Chavit, whom she describes as “caring and generous”.
“But then I found out that more than is usual pambababae (womanizing) he actually had kids with other women who are about the same age as mine, “ Ms. Tiongco says.

So it appears, as Gov. Singson claims, ‘Che’ went on to have her own ‘affairs”.

The rest of the scandal is now out, with the latest episode going violent with the deputy national security adviser ‘getting even’ – mauling both his estranged common law wife and her ‘lover’, one Richard Catral.

Inflicting violence on a woman can never be condoned, and it surelymust be most shameful for Mr. Singson to now publicly narrate how he was made a ‘pendejo’, a Spanish-Mexican pejorative that roughly translates to the English slang ‘dumbass’ or asshole.

But this term takes on a more insulting meaning – that of being made a fool of by a cheating wife, with the corollary vernacular slangs ‘iniputan (was pooh’ed on) or ‘tinurotot‘ (impaled with a horn or skewered).

chavit rachel notes montage

Mr. Singson even showed ABS-CBN what he says are Ms. Tiongson’s love notes, plus requests for him to ‘reimburse’ her monthly expenses even after they had already separated.

Singson admits he had placed ‘Che’ under surveillance with access to even her phone records, prompting journalists to ask Malacanang whether the former Ilocos Sur government had used government resources for his personal sleuthing activities on his ex paramour.

The question has been left unanswered, with the deputy national security adviser simply be told “to behave and submit himself to due process.”

Is there reason for the persons on the receiving end of Chavit’s ‘big stick’ nay, tiger whip to be death fear of their safety?

Well, Malacanang apparently doesn’t think so.


How is it to be a ‘kept’ woman’?

Poignant and quite depressing portrait emerges if you read the interview of PEP, the Philippine Entertainment portal run by veteran journalist Jo-anne Maglipon.

In that interview, Che Tiongson describes how Singson treated her like HIS property:

tiongson on pep (Photo credit: Philippine Entertsintment Portal)

Hindi naman ako tinuruang mag-negosyo, ganun. Parang ginawa lang akong housewife kasi gusto niyang maging dependent na ako sa kanya. Habang nagsasama kami, yun ang gusto niya talaga. Kapag nagbigay siya sa akin, very minimal. Talagang very minimal, kasi nga ayaw niya talaga na parang magka-ipon ako (He did teach me how to do business. It was as if I was just made a housewife becaise he wanted me to be dependent on him. While we were together, that;s wha he wanted. If he gave me any money at all it was veryminimal. eally very minimal, becausehe really did not want me to have any savings.).

Ang isa pang torture ko diyan, yung pag-aari niya ako, na pupunta siya dun [Corinthian house-apartment] any time gusto niya. Para galawin lang ako. At yun lang talaga ang purpose niya. Pupunta siya dun, ayun, ‘tapos alis na siya (It was also totrture that he treated me like he own me. He would f=go to the apartment just to use me for sex, then he’d leave).

Pag nag-NO ako, ganito yun, may panakot na ‘Hindi mo na makita yung mga bata!’ Parati ko silang tsini-check. ‘O sige, papuntahin mo yung mga bata rito.’ Sinusundo ko sa school, sabay-sabay kong hinahatid. Yung mga ganun na lang, na kahit every day nakakausap ko sila, nakikita ko sila (If I refused to go to bed with him he would threaten me that I’d no longer see my childre. Then he’d order me to fetch the kids from school. I followed his instructions only so I could see and talk to them everyday).

Grabe siya. Ginalaw pa niya ako nung Friday (August 21, 2009), na parang wala siyang balak gawin. Na meron pala siyang plano na sundan ako, at gagawin iyon [to beat her] (He was cruel. He even used me the day before he beat me up as if he had no plan to follow me, but then he did and then mauled me).

Malacanang has taken the weekend to mull over the situation and has decided to distance itself from the controversial deputy national security adviser’s “domestic” concerns.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo:

lorelei and chavit

Out of delicadeza, he should volunteer to take a leave of absence because the story is big already.

The Office of the President cannot not just slap Singson with a preventive suspension because the case has nothing to do with his job in the Cabinet.

The President, as a woman as well as the head of our government, is alarmed and seriously concerned by such charges against a person who is regarded as part of her circle, though not part of her official family.

We feel very strongly about this… I feel very strongly about this. I’m mad. I’m angry. We are professionals as well. This is a personal matter between the governor and his family. Any violence should not be tolerated. But he should be subjected to rule of law.

Thank you Mrs. President.

Here’s hoping Mr. Chavit will heed your call, along with the certainty that no government assets are used by anyone to influence this case’s just resolution.

If Mr. Singson is, as he claims, the ‘aggrieved party’ then he’ll have his own non-violent recourse to settle scores.

But late this Monday afternoon Mr. Singson told DZMM radio he won’t go on leave:

Deputy National Security Adviser Luis Singson:

Hindi ako magleleave dahil inosente ako diyan. Ako ang biktima rito. Hindi ako mag-leleave. Puwede nila akong tanggalin kung gusto nila.
No, never (on using resources of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) for his domestic conflict). Hindi na kailangan gamitin. Pinasundan ko sa nag-susurvey. Hindi ko opisina yan e. Walang kaalam-alam ang opisina ko dahil opisina ko napakahirap. Yung 2 secretary ko up to now hindi sumusuweldo [sa gobyerno] e. Kung wala ako doon (at his and Tiongco’s Corinthian apartment), baka napatay na yung dalawa. Kung di ako dumating doon, namatay na sila.

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  1. December 20, 2009 10:07 pm

    This kind of Singson/wife thing usually boggles the mind, but it doesn´t anymore;
    it has become the norm in a country where a culture of impunity has flourished–not arisen because it´s been here long before the Ampatuan massacre–glaringly! We´re simply either a nation whose head is perennially buried in the sand or a spineless, talkative paraplegic!!

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