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Noynoy Aquino Decides To Run

September 8, 2009


Senator Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino is going for it.

He is set to officially announce his acceptance of the public draft for him to seek the country’s highest office at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow at the Kalayaan Room of Club Filipino.

There was an earlier notice to media that Noynoy was “set to make an important announcement at the Serviam Prayer Room of the EDSA Shrine.

The venue change was decided minutes ago.

noy in thought

“Noynoy’s decision was firmed up during his spiritual retreat with Carmelite nuns in Zamboanga City during the weekend, and during consultations with close friends of the Aquino clan in Davao, in Tarlac yesterday, and with the senior leadership of the Liberal Party.

Two highly placed sources in the Noynoy Aquino For President Movement (NAPM) told this writer just minutes ago Sen. Noynoy is expected to ask Sen. Mar Roxas to be his vice presidentisal running mate.

Earlier this morning former Senate President Frank Drilon strongly hinted during the Bulung-Pulungan news forum at Hotel Sofitel that Aquino’s decision was “at hand.”

noynoy for prez grfx2

Edgardo Roces, convenor of the Ninoy Aquino for President Movement, told me his group is “now shifting our campaign to gather one million signatures urging Aquino to run to the recruitment and mobilization phase for Noynoy’s campaign.”

“Since we launched our signature campaign last August there has been a surge of calls from people offering to contribute their resources ranging from campaign pins, t-shirts, stickers, and money,” Roces said.

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