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Noynoy: If I Win, I will Be A President Who Will Be Missed When I Step Down

September 9, 2009

noynoy declares montage

With Club Filipino’s historic Kalayaan Hall clothed in yellow, the only son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino this morning announced he was accepting the challenge to carry on the heroic fight of his parents for good integrity, good governance and transparency in public service.

Benigno Simeon ‘Noynoy’  Aquino vowed he’d give foremost attention to such aspects as ensuring that laws are implemented fairly and with political will behind it.

He said he would lead by example, adding that a carrot and stick approach in fighting corruption could be effective in instilling integrity in public service.

He pointed to the need to maximize the use of limited government resources found on efficiency.

“If I win, I will be a President who will be missed when I step down (not hated),”
Aquino said, adding that he would strive to “make democracy work of everybody.”

Sen. Noynoy said he was awaiting Sen. Mar’s response to his offer for the Liberal Party President to be his running mate.

As he was ending his announcement Sen. Noynoy was given a plastic containers filled with One-peso coins: Piso-Piso Para Kay Noynoy.

That will then wait for another auspicious day.

On Mindanao, Noynoy was clear:
There is a need for more dialogue to bridge the divide between Christians and Muslims instead of resorting to the military option.

Two elements which perhaps served to help Sen. Aquino project resolute calmness as he announced his presidential bid.

Sitting on the front row were his partners: Senator Mar, and his girlfriend, Shalani Soledad.
Looping this off, let me share these component facets of leadership which I believe are inseparable: Charisma, Communication, Honesty, Vision, Knowledge, Passion,

Sen. Noynoy’s cup may not necessarily be brimming with all these ingredients but having accepted destiny’s challenge, he deserves to be supported.

The post-Arroyo era beckons.

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