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The Transcript of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s Brief News Conference After Declaring His Presidential Candidacy, Sept. 9, 2009 @ Club Filipino

September 9, 2009

NOY AT CLUB 3 (Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Question: I am the national president of Aksyon Mindanao,

What is your peace agenda for Mindanao, and what is the difference between you, Estrada and GMA?

Noynoy Aquino:

Well, can I say what I hope to do if I am given that opportunity.
Number one, when I was studying, they said the first step to knowledge is to admit that you do not know and then you seek to know.

I have just recently been to Davao and Zamboangga. And I have talked to, shall we say, both sides of the issue with regards to the MOA-AD (Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain) and afterwards, my impression was that they were too far apart.

Therefore, the need for more dialogue, the setting up of a (unintelligible)… whereby we can communicate better with each other.

Perhaps if the intermediaries are not enough, we need to find better intermediaries.

And I will follow the advice of a man more learned than me, to not stop talking because if we stop talking it becomes war war war.

Pia Hontiveros: (inaudible)


Governance. I think my political career is very, very clear. I want to make democracy work not just for the rich and well connected but for everybody.

I would just like to give two examples of my pet peeves as of today and there are a lot of peeves.

One, when you talk about the tradition every time it is the start of the school season, we have the person who finds all the errors in the books that makes it seem that the DEPED is uneducated because they cannot find the errors.

It seems to be as symptomatic of the love of the Filipino, in colloquial terms, they say… Ang Pilipino ba just-tiis, walang justice.

I do not understand why we have to settle for substandard materials with which to educate our youths, year in and year out, that should not be a tradition. That should be a tragedy that is not repeated again.

Justice. We talk about the hidden wealth of the Marcoses, with all due apologies to the innocent. It has been 23 years and there is still no closure to all of this. I don’t think justice is swift in this country, and as they say, justice delayed is justice denied.

And for that, I have asked my legal consultants to find out if political will, will really matter in speeding up the wheels of justice in this country. And they assured me that political will is necessary to afford justice to each and every one in this country.

As an economist by training, the efficiency and maximization of resources is a priority.

Last night, I had a briefing of how unwise the utilization of resources of the state have been for the past nine years of this current dispensation. Unfortunately, this professor of mine seems to have forgotten the lessons she taught me. I kept my notes.

There are other things, but I’d rather not spend the entire day talking about the platform…

Question: (Inaudible)

I will be a president that will be missed by the time I step down

Announcer: Last question…

Let me just emphasize, when I step down and I do look forward to the time that I will step down. I want to say that these are the list of our accomplishments, I will be there because of the people and I will stay there because of the people and hopefully, I will be true to my word to serve the people.

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