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Junk That Proposed Tax On Text!!! Now Na!!!

September 10, 2009


Are we such a cursed and sorry lot?

I have ask this in this my first rant as a blogger.

I’m as mad as hell, and I won’t take it any more: our traitorous politicians stabbing us in the back with our cellphones.
This through the tax on text messages they are trying to legislate which effectively skims off a full 20-percent:  5 centavos from the actual barebones cost per text of 25 centavos.

And what do you know, the authors of this proposal include the chairman of the House ways and means committee Exequiel Javier and Quezon congressman Danilo Suarez, the very same generous  dinner benefactor of President Arroyo’s at Le Cirque.

Yes he is the same ‘honorable’ gentleman whose family was recently reported to be seeking a Pb1-B government loan for their companies!!!

And while ranting, I won’t minch words.

The good House Speaker, Davao’s Prospero Nograles is claiming the proposal mandates that telcos can’t pass the tax on text to consumers.

This is a lie.

Cost of doing business, including taxes, ARE always taken from consumers as normal business practice.

The other day, this regime was called criminal-friendly.

Add to that the tag of anti-Filipino.

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