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Did PSG Men Maul Rachel Tiongson?

September 11, 2009


A quite chilling detail has surfaced while Malacanang has been left dead in its tracks by the refusal of deputy national security adviser Luis ‘Chavit’ Singson to go on leave and his dare that President Arroyo fire him.

Thanks to ABS-CBN’S journalistic sleuthing, it’s been revealed that the former Ilocos Sur governor has not one but two military men as his bodyguards: Retired Master Sergeant Ricardo Reyes Corporal Alvin Zaldua, both reported past and present members, respectively, of the Presidential Security Group.

There is a denial, of course, that Reyes and Zaldua where in Mr. Chavit’s company on August 22 when Ms.

Rachel Tionson was left black and blue from tiger whip strikes at the Corinthian townhouse that he used to share with his common law wife of 17 years.

But there’s a disconnect.

Singson had claimed he saved Tiongson from “being beaten to death by my security.”

If Reyes and Zaldua where not with him on August 22, who was the deputy national security adviser referring to?

tiongson gonzales gabriela montage

In the meantime, Chavit’s immediate boss, national security adviser Norberto adviser doesn’t appear to be in a hurry sorting things out with his subordinate.

The women’s rights group Gabriela is raising hell over this.

But don’t assume anyone at the Palace By The Pasig gives a hoot.

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