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Bayani Fernando “Sure” To Be PaLaKa Presidential Bet

September 12, 2009

bf montage

I believe Mr. Bayani Fernando when he says that he’s the shoo-in as the presidential standard bearer of PaLaKa (PartidoLakas-Kampi), the present-day  equivalent of the Marcos-era KBL (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan) administration .

MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando:

Lumalapit na iyong ika nga eh sa wakas baka makuha ko na iyang nominasyon na iyan. Sadyang atrasado na kami at nakakaapekto rin naman sa mga ratings namin iyan eh (My nomination as the party’s standard bearer is getting near. We have been behind schedule and it has been affecting our [survey] ratings).

I am aware of the July 30 deadline, and it has already passed.

It would look like that we are running after him (De Castro) and that we don’t have members that are as good [as the vice-president].

Walang karapatan na kumandidato kang presidente kung sumama ka sa partido na nag-iisa ka (You don’t have a right to run for President if you joined the Party alone).

I ‘ believe’ Mr. Fernando considering how he has festooned not just Mestro Manila but key provinces with his pink-themed tarpaulins and made unabashed use of MMDA facilities to ensure that Filipinos have a top-of-mind recall of exactly WHO he is.

  • Never mind that both premier opinion trackers SWS and Pulse Asia show him enjoying a generous 1-percent rating.
  • Never mind, too, that if he becomes President by some absurd quirk of fate that the Philippines’ national color will be pink, rivaling France’s true pink city of Toulouse.
  • Surely, it does not matter that the badly-positioned pink fences on EDSA and Commonwealth Avenue have killed scores of motorists and that sidewalk vendors are forced to stop selling their products since MMDA men pour kerosene over food items and other wares.

And yes, the good MMDA boss should be Palaka’s standard bearer so we’ll have more warning signs such as this which keeps our pedestrians alive:

putangina billboard

Go, BF,go.


I am making up follow-up calls to pinpoint the exact loation of this offensive signage.

It’s important in the interest of fairness to ascertain that this is not one of those Photoshopped creations.

If it turns out to be one, the point being made is undiminished given the graver uncivility, if not criminal nature, of how sidewalk vendors are mistreated and motorists are left at the mercy of of killer road dividers.

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