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Defeating That Proposed Tax On Text Messages

September 12, 2009

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Chalk one up for citizen vigilance, and cyberactivism.

The latest manifestation of their motive force is Malacanang backtracking on the blasted tax on text proposal Palace lackeys in Congress are pushing.

Presidential economic spokesperson Gary Olivar :


If you see objections coming from both sides of the fence, there is really a room for further study.

Plus, there’s new information coming from the telecoms. Maybe, some revisions are in order. I guess my question is, how come we didn’t know about the effect of this bucket-pricing on the effective rate of telephone?

This is a new piece of information and, therefore, it still needs to be studied closely.

Congratulations are in order for those who spoke out immediately, among them former labor undersecretary Susan ‘Toots’ Ople and NBN-ZTE scam whistleblower Joey De Venecia who both exposed the proposed tax on text as nothing but an anti-poor stunt, an unacceptable added burden in these hard times.

But the fight isn’t over yet as the congressional lapdogs will still have to posture that they’ve been “enlightened” and make a graceful retreat from their ill-thought legislative stunt.

Looping off, Ople and De Venecia have just helped me fill up the first two slots in my list of 12 new Senators we need to elect in next year’s automated elections.

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