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FVR: From GMA’s White Knight To Destabiler?

September 14, 2009


With 8 months left in her scandal-ridden term, President Gloria Arroyo has under a most stern warning from her erstwhile ‘white knight’, the cigar-chomping former president Fidel Valdez Ramos.

FVR  is now pointedly telling Mrs. Arroyo to junk any inclination to ambush the election and maneuver a Malacanang-engineered power grab.

Ramos knows only too well that such a move is templasted on Feerdinand Marcos’s ‘revolution from the center’ and the dictatorisl construct called ‘democratic authoritarianism.

FVR ‘s words:

Those contemplating Palace coups or No-el scenarios in 2010 to preserve the status quo are hereby forewarned that these and variations thereof will surely fail because, among others, the PMA Class of 1978, including its adopted members, does not command the loyalty of the vast majority of our uniformed services,” he said.
Only our two people power revolutions succeeded in peaceful regime change because the [AFP] and the … police consolidated behind the Filipino people who had lost trust and hope in Malacañang incumbents and [had] demanded democratic and transparent leadership,
Ms Arroyo should not become so inutile as a controversial and unfocused leader to the extent of being seen as the core of our problems.
“She may still regain her positive trust ratings as of January 2001 and leave an acceptable legacy by motivating the nation—which could happen by reforming her negative image into an exemplary and sacrificial kind of leadership.
Almost every day, the president is like a juggler, balancing in the air and keeping aloft at least 10 balls (representing our national problems). In the Philippines, the juggler is not juggling with his or her feet on the ground.

There can no clearer declaration.

I just hope that this time Ramos himself will not make a 180-dehree turn if Malacanang does its usual routine of showering him with platitudes.

Huwag ka nang magpa-uto, Apo Eddie (don’t let them regale you with false promises),

Now will Mrs. Arroyo now tag FVR as a destabilizer engaged in politicking?

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