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Gibo Teodoro Vows To Lead Reforms, BF Lectures About Party Loyalty (2nd Update: Gibo Is It)

September 16, 2009

bf and gibo

A study in contrasts.

One fixated simply on the party’s selection process, harping, nay, even lecturing his party mates on the importance that he has been loyal to the party and that the selection process be democratic.

He didn’t even bother to stand up.


In contrast the second speaker stood up respectfully.

He then proceeded to recite his close involvement in legislative and executive affairs.

He focused on the party’s vision, the need for structural reforms, and his commitment to work together with them in leading the party to victory in 2010.

You guessed it.

The first speaker at the ongoing PaLaKa executive committee meeting was Bayani Fernando and the one who spoke next was Gilbert Teodoro.

gibo bf shake

Further firming up the contrast BF said if he was not picked as psrty standard bearer he was “leaving my options open” about running with another party while Teodoro said his commitment to Palaka would not waver whether the decision will be and he’d abide by the vote.

Obvious pick right?

(1st Update)

As expected, Mr. Gabby Claudio has just announced that the party executive committee members “consensus vote” was for Teodoro:

Subject to ratification by a national convention to be called by the party in accordance with law, the candidcate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD for the 2010 presidential election, as endorsed by the party’s national executive committee, is the honorable Gilbert C. Teodoro.

No reaction have come from spurned wannabee Bayani Fernando who told interviewers just as they completed the Q & A session with party leaders he would still run for President no matter what.

When asked under what party he simply replied, “secret.”

What people are now waiting for now is whether BF will bolt PaLaKa and form a break-away wing or switch loyalty to another political group.

2nd Update:

Details are niw emerging about how Teodoro fared in the secret balloting held by the members of the administrationparty’s executive committee.

DZMM radio now quites reliable sources as saying the defense secretary got all oif 42 votes.

In comparison the losing MMDA chairman managed to get the nod of only 5 members of the execom.

Quite lopsided, indeed.

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