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Gibo Teodoro VS Noynoy Aquino And Chiz Escudero In 2010: A Three-Way Battle Royale?

September 16, 2009


So as expected, Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro, the nephew of Mr. Danding Cojuangco, ‘Boss’ of the opposition Nationalist People’s Coalition, and cousin of Noynoy Aquino will try to lead the modern-day KBL of outgoing President Gloria Arroyo to victory next year.

Teodoro appeared every bit presidential as he outperformed Bayani Fernando in their ‘beauty contest’ before the PaLaKa execom.

Now comes the hard part: to cobble together a credible and clean campaign against both Senator Chiz Escudero, his former party’s standard party, and Noynoy who’s carrying the Liberal Party standard.

Will he just be a GMA proxy?

teodoro puno montage

Will his certain pairing with Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronnie Puno be accepted by Filipinos hungry for ‘hope you can believe in’.

The battle-cries  of his opponents are on the exact same thread: Noynoy’s “pwede nang mangarap muli (we can dream again”) ( and Escudero’s youthful vision of “bringing back the dignity” of Filipinos “helping you to help lift yourselves out of despair (

Leading  to his  selection, an impressive count of some 90 incumber congressmen and 49 provincial governors had endorsed Teodoro, along with the members of the league of mayors.

Palaka leaders reckon that even though Teodoro’s pre-selection survey rating was tracked at a measly 2 percent, that number will now climb to double digits because, they said, President Arroyo still has a popularity score of 20 percent despite her massive unpopularity.

Will Gibo hack it?


I am not forgetting that Sen. Manny Villar is still in the race , along with former president Erap.

My reference to the 3-way battle among Noynoy, Escudero, and Noynoy is really a projection of how the choices will narrow as May 10, 2010 approaches.

With 48-M registered voters we are, in really, looking at quite a tight presidential derby if you count Villar and Estrada as taking their own cut of the votes.

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