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Missing Old School: When Journalists Become Stars

September 16, 2009

media montage

I’m from the old school.

So my orientation is to try to always get the facts straight, not play politics in the work milieu, and speak my mind, if it’s called for, after presenting my case.

And as far as these aspects go, I believe newsrooms breed journalists.

Not intrigue-seeders or swellheads.

But times have changed.

Instead of reporting on the news,  it seems, journalists are losing their detachment and are becoming self-obsessed, not unlike the political and social bigwigs they cover.

Why is this coming to pass, I ask myself?

Without absolving the personalities who become entangled in such concerns, methinks the problem takes root when news organizations given multi-tasks themselves put on a secondary hat of marketing not just their journalistic outputs, but their journalist-talents.

Not to say that this can’t be done in an atmosphere of level-headedness.
But as the journalists turn into celebrities and ratings-builders, the hubris and self importance that is developed can balloon out of proportion.

Even more so with the revolving door that now link media stars with politics.

So what to do with this conundrum?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But one thing sure when network-created personalities self destruct, the society they began serving becomes poorer for the loss of good journalists spoiled by fame and hubris.

Nuff said.

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