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Of Election Hotspots, Political Spying, And Loose Firearms

September 17, 2009

election hotspots and garci

Tangent to the competing political rah-rah reports today is this item:

The Philippine National Police is beefing up its intelligence operations to determine the so-called election hot spots, or places where election-related violent incidents prevail, as the deadline for the filing of candidacy nears.
Senior Superintendent Leonardo Espina, police spokesman, said the PNP is set to release the list of election hot spots by November, as the Commission on Elections finalizes the list of candidates for the 2010 elections.
But PNP Director General Jesus Verzosa said in a separate interview that the police’s Intelligence Unit has already identified several election hotspots, but declined to name them pending the deadline of the filing of certificates of candidacy.

A fairly straight-forward and seasonal law enforcement activity, right?

But let me posit a danger: that such intelligence operations can be sinisterly skewed to target political opponents of the government of the day.

I’m sure authorities will wave away this scenario as the figment of an active and biased imagination.

Yes and no.

But it cannot be denied that high-tech eavesdropping devices capable of intercepting text messages and listening in on private conversations have previously been used by hands unseen.

Remember Garci?

Remember the wiretapped conversations about the NBN-ZTE scam?

Reading further down the story about the PNP’s election hotspots surveillance ops you will also learn that there are an estimated 1 million loose firearms!


Now juxtapose this with the recent seizure of a huge shipment of Israeli-made Galil automatic assault rifles?

Could those guns have been intended for a political private army?

We are asking the questions so we can find the truth.

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