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VP Noli De Castro Turns ‘Unpresidential’

September 18, 2009

angry noli montage

Is Vice President Noli De Castro losing it?

It surely looked like it when the former star brosadcast journalist-turned-Vice President angrily snapped ata reporter from his own tv network when he was asked him about rumors that  he might be the vice presidential running mate of the Nacionalista Party wannabee , Sen. Manny Villa.

Minutes before, De Castro was also angered by a quite angry protest by residents as he was giving away low-cost housing grants in Laguna.

De Castro had also snubbed the meeting of the national executive committee meeting of the administration party PaLaKa which waited for him to join the coalition up to the last minute.

Weeks before Malacanang itself had telegraphed confusing signals to the Vice President with Palace spokesmen alternately saying De Castro he was the “preferred candidate of President Arroyo” and others seemingly demeaned his chances.

It also hasn’t helped that Noli’s ratings among presidential wannabees have taken a hit.

He may yet run for President as an independent but his angry outburst yesterday was most unpresidential.

What a shame, Kabayan.

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