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Sen. Mar Roxas Is Ready, Again; Escudero-Estrada Tandem Coming? (Updated)

September 19, 2009

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Sen. Mar Roxas is ready to pick up where he left off three weeks ago when he withdrew his presidential run in favor of Sen. Noynoy Aquino.

Two unimpeachable sources confirmed to me today that the Liberal Party president is holding a news conference at 5 p.m on Monday, September 21 to announce his acceptance of Noynoy’s offer to be his presidential running.

Gearing up for Monday’s event the campaign and media teams of Sen. Roxas were closeted in intense meetings this past week

As before, Club Filipino will be the venue of Sen. Roxas announcement.

Quite auspiciously it is the 37nd anniversary of Ferdinand Marcos’s declaration of martial law.


The past three weeks have seen a flurry of back and forth discussions among civil society groups and leaders of the Liberal and close advisers of Senators Aquino and Roxas.

The result: the two gentlemen are expected to announce the formation of a People’s Power Coalition with the LP cementing alliance with varied groups assembling  full senatorial and congressional slates under the Aquino-Roxas ticket.

This past week Pulse Asia, one of the two premier polling groups tracking voter preferences began a new national survey while Social Weather Station’s newest political dipstick is also set to start.

The results of the two surveys are expected to be announced by mid-October and the thurd week of October, respectively.

An earlier Luzon-only survey had given Aquino a gigantic 50% rating also critics have questioned the report’s statistical soundness.

It cannot be denied that the draft of Noynoy Aquino has been a game changer not only for the Liberal Party but the other parties positioning to field their own standard bearers.

The latest visible impact has been the indefinite postponement of the earlier scheduled announcement by the Nationalist People’s coalition of its push in 2010 on Wednesday, September 23.

Escudero’s own presidential bid is being formally announced on the 10th of October, his 40th birthday.

Ahead of his birthday the Senator’s own YouTube channel has acknoiwledged ownership of the earlier  33-second “Apokalipto” video where a robed man promises a young girl he’ll “help Filipinos help themselves.”

This video has now been followed up with the video showing the orange robed man to be Sentor Escudero himself.

Sen. Chiz Escudero is still certain to be the NPC standard bearer but there are now intense speculations that former President Joseph Estrada just might agree to be Ezcedero’s running mate instead of Sen. Loren Legarda.

escudero estrada montage

This raises the question of not only a potential split within the NPC but also how the young Escudero’s projection as exponent of reformist politics being affected by him linking up with Estrada who’s battling new accusations of complicity in the Dacer Corbito murders and in other criminal activities during his abbreviated presidency.

An irritated Vice President Noli De Castro earlier this week spurned the telegraphed offer to be Sen. Manny Villar’s  partner in the Nacionalista Party.

Defense chief Gilbert Teodoro’s putative pairing with Interior and Local Government secretary Ronaldo Puno has come under attack from critics raising the election fraud bogey, plus the unresolved case of so-called Lakas Party ‘originals’  challenging the legality of the Lakas-KAMPI-CMD merger.

This could very well be the first acid test of the COMELEC’s constitutional independence from the Arroyo administration.

The political landscape is also unsettled by questions over whether MMDA chairman Bayanui Fernando will bolt PaLaKa, and the posturings of other minor independent presidential wannabees like Jesus Is Lord Leader Eddie Villanueva and Nicanor Perlas of the Center for Alternative Development  Initiatives

Never a dull moment in Philippine politics, huh?


Both the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star now carry the story of the upcoming announcement of the Aquino-Roxas pairing:

star and pdi page one 20090920 cropped

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