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Mr. Gilbert Teodoro Puts On His GMA Costume

September 22, 2009

gibo with gma montage

I was not at all surprised that Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro handily beat MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando when they courted the PaLaKa national executive committee meeting.

Following through on his anointment as the administration’s standard bearer, Mr. Teodoro now asserts he’ll become President by riding on the coattails of his boss’s “achievements”.

Nothing surprising with that, too.

Mr. Teodoro even offers this assessment of the coming elections:

There will come a point when the public will already get to brush off this ‘kiss of death’ thing. It’s a politically expedient tactic right now. The more important thing is what you want to do for the country in the future. The economic gains, the infrastructure programs, the spending programs and the Philippine educational road map definitely I will use some of that (in my campaign). It’s going to be me who’s running, not the President. It’s me versus the others, not (Ms Arroyo) against the others.
The election two years ago (when the administration senatorial slate did poorly against the opposition) should not be compared to a presidential election. It’s different. The theme is recurring and recurring.

This is where the man loses my vote.

And as veteran opinion writer Manuel Buencamino writes, Teodoro fully deserves to be called the “compromised candidate.”

For the bar topnocther and three-time congressman that he is, Mr. Teodoro (who’s been defense chief for some two years) must surely know the poverty, the misgovernance, and the utter public disaffection with the Arroyo regime.

Tragically Teodoro, like his boss, is in denial and sees a mirage of plenty and progress where there is none.

Ok, sir, you are entitled to play the role of GMA proxy to the hilt.

You’re also entitled to think that running as GMA’s bet is not a kiss of death.

It is a political run that will reap ignominy.

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