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Executive Secretary Ermita: Political Cupid Or Party Pooper?

September 24, 2009

vi ermita ronnie montage

The more the events play out, the more it’s looking like a political love triangle:the emergence of beauteous Batangas governor and acclaimed  ‘star for all seasons’ Vilma Santos, acclaimed political master operator, Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo ‘Ronnie’ Puno, and the ‘Little President, Executive Secretary Eduardo  ‘Eddie’ Ermita.

Ermits, himself a Batangueno, is now on record as saying he’s open to the idea of Ate Vi being draft as the administration party vice presidential running mate of outgoing Defense Secretary Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro.

This flies in the face of the indicated consensus of the just-held national executive committee meeting of the merged Kampi-Lakas-CMD that ‘anointed’ the Teodoro-Puno ticket ahead of the formal party convention in several weeks’ time.

The gentleman that he is, Mr. Puno is not showing any outward reaction to Ermita’s seeming bias, while Ms. Santos is, quite demurely saying she’s fine with just getting a second term as Batangas governor.

rafanan gibo montage

All this is happening against the non-romantic backdrop of the Commission on Election’s chief lawyer, Ferdinand Rafanan, that the PaLaKa execom session could have violated the law and thus render Teodoro’s hard-won selection over the protestations of MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando worthless.

If that grim scenario comes to pass, Executive Secretary Ermita, who presided over the Palaka meeting, will not only have a giant egg on his face but could lose his role of Cupid in a Gibo-Vilma political love team, and with Puno as the spurned third wheel.

That will beat any headline-making showbiz brouhaha any day!

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