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Filipinos Pray To The Heavens And Curse LGUs As Ondoy Turns Metro Manila Into Waterworld! (Updated: At Least 35 Dead)

September 26, 2009


Storm Ondoy is continuing to pour in buckets across Metro Manila as I write this, with the rains going non-stop for at least 7 hours.

The floods are roof-high in some low lying areas like Marikina and parts of Mandaluyong, San Juan and scores of other places.

The Philippines’ national capital region has all but turned into a waterworld with disaster relief agencies field rescue helicopters to pkuck people trapped on their roofs and calls going out from the Red Cross and other civic-minded citizens to gather food and other emergency supplies for the distressed.

Alternately Filipinos are praying for the rains to let up, and cursing local governments for being ill-prepared and unable to move quick to help the flooded areas.


Weathermen predict the rains from Ondoy to continue unto Sunday

This is surely the worst flooding in Metro Manila in at least 5 decades.

Journalist Mike Cohen is being quoted in a Dacebook comment thread that”rainfall volume from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday was measured at 341 millimeters, breaking the 334 mm recorded in June 1967.

It’s now 7 p.m. as I post this so even that latest measurement has been breached.

Officials confirmed as the rains finally stopped around11:30 that Ondoy dumped one month’s worth of rains in just one day

The whole of Metro Manila has been declared under a state of calamity, giving officials authority to mobilize emergency funds to try to ease public misery.

On Facebook, journalist Mari Kaimo share a link to this video taken from the upper-floor window of a home over-looking Katipunan Road in uezon City.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is reporting:

Thirty-five other people were killed in Rizal province, Tony Mateo, a member of the Rizal provincial disaster coordinating council, told the Inquirer Saturday night. He said they included 16 people killed in Tanay, 10 in Angono, five in Baras, three in Rodriguez and on in Teresa.

No one was reported hurt here but the vehicles were no match to Ondoy:

Another YouTube clip shows the floods somewhere in Makati City on the southern side of Metro Manila:

Here in Mandaluyong, it’s the first time ever that our own living room has been flooded with the waters having breached the gate and front door which measure one foot above out Juan Luna Street level.

One stark element I’ve realized is while the weather bureau – PAGASA – does tell us how fast the storms move and tells us what storm warning signal is up, people are not given information on the amount of precipitation expected, so we are really caught unawares.

One saving grace with Ondoy it its winds were not very strong or it passed high above the metropolis.


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