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Filipinos Katrina’ed; What Went Wrong?

September 27, 2009

baby and woman rescued montageaddition hills pansoy bocaue MARIKINA PASIG TAFT MONTAGE

The morning after storm Pandoy dumped one month’s worth of rain in Metro Manila, families fortunate not too have been forced out of their homes by the raging floods are busy cleaning out the flotsam.

They are muttering “it could have been worse,” but also realizing “this should not have happened if government gave early warning, and acted swiftly enough to help the victims.

Here’s a sampling of the latest videos on YouTube:

Critics are already saying Filipinos were ‘Kstrina’ed’ referring to how hurricane Katrina in the U.S. left thousands displaced with the US government chastised for SLEEPING ON THE JOB.

Another video:

Of course, the National Disaster Coordinating Center is blurting out how “Pres. Arroyo has ordered all-out aid for the flood victims.”

But at the height of Ondoy it was woefully apparent government just was not ready, period.

Next, you’ll likely have calls for an audit into how disaster relief funds, and facilities are used to ensure quick reaction to mitigate public suffering.

You know what grates Filipinos old enough to remember?

In times past the government had a ready fleet amphibious trucks that swung into action when floods rage through communities and communication to relief agencies was reliable.

Basic: th government does not even have an efficiently wotking call center with the weather office’s own vital website inaccessibly, appsrently due to insuuficient bandwidth to handle a surge of traffic.

But hey, this is the Philippines where things get worse before they get better.

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