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A Filipina In Dubai Whips Up A Storm Over Ondoy (3rd Update)

September 28, 2009

maalab delos reyes on jacque bermejojacque bermejo thread quote

The Pinoy blogosphere is in a tizzy over a Filipino in Dubai who allegedly posted this comment on her Facebook page about the calamity wrought by storm Ondoy :”buti n lng am hir in dubai! Maybe so many sinners der so yeah deserving wat hapnd.”

jacque bermejo cropped

The Filipina is tagged as one Jacque Bermejo.
Enraged by what she allegedly posted, Filipino have created a hate page against her also on Facebook.

jacque bermejo fb hate pagejacque bermejo multiply mast

They have also besieged her Multiply page with comments peppered with expletives. Her alleged disparaging comments has also been massively Twitted and retwitted.

There has, quite understably been no direct response from Ms. Bermejo.

But there has reportedly been a claim by a friend of hers that Bermejo’s Facebook paage “could have been hacked.”

Her detractors gave the claim little credence.

Such indeed is the reach and power of the new medium of online social networking sites!

The uproar isn’t over,


Since I first posted this story before daw today a flood of inquiries have reached my mailbox.

This writer is continuing to try to reach Ms. Bermejo in Dubai, including journalist friends there traacing the company the Filipina works with.

A sustained Google search has yielded at list two blogs questioning the authenticity of Ms. Bermejo’s supposed Multiply site and defending her as “possibly the victim of a set-up.”

An entry one blog purportedly quotes a statement from an unnamed ‘brother’ of Ms. Bermejo.

Here it is in full and unedited:

The Brother’s Official Statement
ok! it all started sa Friendster last year 2008, my sister told me that her account was hacked by someone mad at her prolly inggit or may galit… she really doesn’t know or what’s the reason why she has been hacked, of corse she’s pissed off because this person keeps messing up her friendster profile. So, hinayaan lang ng sister ko yun, since wala nmn xang alam sa social networking or kung ano man, she’s a working woman na at wala xang panahon magfriendster.

Ngayon naman this issue has been spreading about her posting such harsh words:
“buti n lg am hir in dubai  maybe so many sinners bak der!so year deerving wat happend!”

Ang ate ko hindi ganyan kung magenglish, edukada sister ko at nag graduate sa UP. We came from a PROVINCE and part of a political family. Hindi basta basta si ate jack magpopost na magsisira sa family name namin. Dumaan din kami sa hirap, at for your information binagyo din ang lugar namin, TATLONG BESES. Why in the world will my ate as a filipino disgrace our family and citizen, sana po wag muna kayo manghusga.

Hintayin lang po sana ung explaination, for she doesn’t have internet nor load right now, its around 3am-4am at dubai, and I have hard times contacting her myself.

The FaceBook page asserting Bermejo’s innocence cites four points:

1.) Her ‘fake’ multiply account uses the term starfish as “walang utak“
2.) Content of fake multiply albums “pictures with ugly officemates” no one would make an album with that content
3.) An FB account that made a statement on Definitely Filipno has the vanity URL of starfishbuang
4.It is easy to make “trolled accounts.”

I am going to exhaust all efforts to get through to Ms. Bermejo.

In the meantime here are links to the sites on the controversy.

2nd Update:

The wordpress blog titled ‘imanhorn’ has come out with a further defense of Ms. Bermejo.

Some has also created a new FB page in her defense.

bermejo defended montage

Given its language this writer get’s a feeling the unidentified blogger is a Filipino with Tagalo as primary language given the post’s grammatical construction.

The writer does make quite a passionate case presentation here:

I understand the feelings of most of the pinoys who reacted. In fact, they are storming Ms. Bermejo’s alleged multiply site with the name STARFISHBUANG created last January 2009 with posts only up to June 2009 if the uploads are to be believed. The multiply account is besieged by patriotic pinoys and some well, pinoys who forgot the lesson “Respect for women” which I believe and hope is still a value among us pinoys.
Fast reading through 300+ pages of comments looking for clues bore fruit. In fact, all 300 pages of comments were riddled with trolls! Read more to learn what a TROLL really is.
Dead or dying people, damages in billions seriously pouring all your effort on 1 pinay who might have been framed shows how gullible and misguided some Pinoys are.
This is a rough post by the way. Will be cleaning this up in a while.
Update: Won’t be updating this, kakapagod convincing haters lolz. So if you still are reading in disbelief, may I direct you to channeling your energies to actually saving people. God bless everyone!

I’ll let At Midfield’s readers draw their own conclusions.

If Ms. Bermejo is indeed a “victim” I would think sh and those close to her are evaluating what legal and other options they have to sort out this mess.


From veteran Dubai-based Filipino journalist Ares Penales Gutierrez comes this advisory via Facebook:

I was able to talk to the REAL Jacques Bermejo — last night and this morning. She insists on her innocence and said that her social networking site accounts were hacked. I believe her.

I want to loop off this story.

The only lingering questions:

1. Who could be the person or persons nurturing such dislike for Ms. Bermejo that the person/persons would go to such lengths to defame her.

2. Why?


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