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The Grim Reaper Named Ondoy

September 28, 2009

ondoy dead montage

Filipinos remain dazed by the suffering visited upon Metro Manila by the storm.

The toll from Ondoy is just staggering judging from the overnight reports this Monday in the wake of record 455 millimeters of rain that poured in 12 hours across Metro Manila on the 25th.

95 people are dead, 29 missing, and some 247,555 families are left in miserable conditions in evacuation centers or stranded in their homes.

Authorities are telling us 37 road sections in the metropolis are still not passable to light vehicles because of the flooding as 45 villages in Manila, Marikina, Malabon, Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Makati, Pasay, Pasig, Valenzuela and San Juan are still flooded.


The government says 47,261 persons are currently being served in 92 evacuation centers in Rizal, Metro Manila and Bulacan.

The images tell the absolutely grim tale:

bbc ondoy montage 1bbc ondoy montage 2

When our collective grief subsides and lives are rebuilt, these will simply be sad memories peppered with accounts of compassion and heroism.

But will we have learned the lessons left by the Grim Reaper named Ondoy?


Here’s a last look at Ondoy via satellite: good riddance we bid him!!!

Ondoy leaves

The monsoon season isn’t over yet so let’s not out our guards down just yet.

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