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Calling Out The Bayanihan Spirit

September 29, 2009

ondoy bayanihan montage 1

It’s been a harrowing several days for Filipinos.

But it’s times like these that bring out the worst, and the best in people.
While there are certified assholes profiting from  the misery of others there are heroes who stand up.

Hail those who put their lives on the line rescuing the flood victims.

ondoy bayanihan montage 2

There are countless others freely giving of their time, and resources, to volunteer in whatever way they can.

Here’s an item in my mailbox that can be emulated:

With millions of Filipinos affected by the flash floods caused by tropical storm Ondoy, today is a time for bayanihan, businessman Joey de Venecia III said today.

“All of us who were lucky enough to be spared from the effects of the storm should roll up our sleeves and help those who were,” he said.

De Venecia put together an emergency clean up crew which is on call and ready to help any barangay in need.
He is also distributing 2,500 food packages. His actions were the result of urgent calls and messages he received from his friends who live in Marikina and who were seriously affected.

He promised to do what he could.

De Venecia is also asking his friends and supporters to volunteer their services to the various relief centers all over Metro Manila after receiving feedback that most centers were swamped with requests and sorely lacking in manpower.

Since there are no classes until the end of the week, Venecia called on all students not affected by the floods to get together with their classmates and barkada and go to the relief centers.

De Venecia also called for a ceasefire on all political activities.

“There is no reason to attack the government, which I’m sure is doing all it can. The fact is this was a calamity that was totally unexpected,” the businessman said.

The floods even hit Malacanang, he pointed out.

“Whenever we are faced with a great tragedy or a national emergency, we Filipinos have shown time and again that we are capable of setting aside our differences and working together for the common good.
This spirit of bayanihan remains strong in us, and it is precisely what we need today,” de Venecia said.

Well put.
Filipinos, let’s do this!


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