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Filipinos Proudly Man Luxury Liners But…

September 29, 2009

pinoys on cruise ships montage

The Philippines is the world’s top supplier of seafarers with one in every five seamen on board international ocean-going vessels is Filipino.

They remit back to the Philippines some $1 billion every year.

But do you know that as Filipinos do our country proud those who work in the most coveted jobs aboard luxury liners seldom if every do their ships drop anchor in Manila?

The answer came in my in my mailbox overnight and must be making the rounds of the blogosphere:

This was written by a Pinoy couple who now live in the US.

Would like to share with you what we found out as the reason why cruise ships of the big cruise companies skip Manila.  My wife and I are regular cruisers and we always talk to the Filipino crew.  When we took the 12-day Mediterranean cruise I asked the Pinoy waiters (because we are in a big group, we usually request for Pinoy waiters to be assigned to us) why all their Asian cruises skip Manila when they go to all the neighboring countries of the Philippines.  Tanong ko bakit ba wala sa itinerary ninyo ang Manila..

Ang sagot sa akin.  Noong una ho may cruises kami na humihinto sa Manila but masyadong hong matakaw ang mga taga Customs sa atin kaya ang management ho namin nag decide na skip na ang Manila.

When inspection time comes upon our arrival and departure, yung mga Customs inspectors ho kasama ang mga pamilya nila para kumain ng libre sa ship namin.

Tapos bago mag bigay ng clearance para maka depart ang ship namin maraming hinihingi na sigarilyo at mga alak.

Sa Manila lang namin na experience ang ganoon kaya nahihiya ho kaming mga Pinoy dito sa ship.  Sa ibang ports sa Asia wala hong nanghihingi.

The new cruise ships have an everage of 2,000 to 3,000 passengers.  Imagine the loss of tourism revenue for the Philippines because most cruise ships do not go to the Philippines.  Pero paano mapapatino ang mga taga Customs kung ang mga taga Malacanang, Congreso, governors, mayors who should set good example sa government service pareho din nila at mas malaki pa ang kurakot?

This writer is not assuming the claims made in the email are gospel truth.

But they cry to be proven wrong.

I am just too angry to further perorate on this report except to say I sure f’king hope this reaches Customs Commissioner Napoleon Morales and Malacanang.

What a way to start the day as we continue to reel from Ondoy.

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