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Ondoy’s Aftermath: Government Waves Its “GMA Cares” Flag As Misery Turns To Agony (Updated)

September 29, 2009


The misery over storm Ondoy is turning into agony coupled with disbelief, disbelief that authorities are announcing yet more flood-causing water is being released from government dams “as a safety precaution.”

I fully understand why that has to be done.

But I’m asking when such spur of the moment actions take on a criminal character.

Pres. Arroyo and her Cabinet should also ask themselves this question as Mrs. Arroyo is, for a change, not abroad but is actually minding the store.

They must surely be chewing on the latest data: 240 dead and 40 still missing in Ondoy’s wake.

They should watch how Ondoy’s fury wreaked havoc:


The banner montage above says it: our problem with floods and the inability of government to cope with such calamity has barely changed or even worsened from the early 1900’s when horse-drawn karetelas found themselves swimming through muck and tody when modern transport  surrenders to nature’s omnipotence.

Finger-pointing no longer even helps because it’s met with indifference and incompetence.

I even heard the PAGASA chief saying people don’t follow warnings while the MMDA chairman sarcastically said he’s to blame because he’s in charge of Metro Manila’s flood control.

They are correct but they are also wrong.

Government does not inspire discipline given its track record of ill-planned programs, suspicious conduct in the handling of public funds, and overall lack of credibility.

At the on-going Cabinet meeting:

A new revelation from the DPWH: many flood pumping station were unable to operate when power went out.

The reason: standby generators have not been repaired for lack of funds!!!

Sure Malacanang says it’s opening its doors wide become one big evacuation and disaster aid center.

Barangay officials returning from their jet-seeting ‘lakbay-aral‘ trips to Hong Kong Disneyland are being told by the President no less to oversee disaster mitigation activities, specially with a new typhoon, ‘Peping’, head for northern Luzon.

A proposal by Vice President Noli De Castro for the President and the members of he Cabinet to donate their salaries for two months was “approved” without thinking while members of Congress were asked yesterday to each donate PhP 1-M from their pork barrel for disaster relief.

Government is releasing the 13th month pay of workers early and is asking private firms to follow its lead.

But don’t expect cheering crowds Mrs. Arroyo and Speaker Nograles.

Spare us the platitudes and token actions.

It’s our money you are spending anyway.

Just do your sworn duty, Ma’am.

The lie has been found out.
It’s not reallu true that Malacanang has been converted into one big disaster relief center to help the flood victims.
They’re only repacking the relief items.
And that thing about congressmen donating 1-M each from their pork?
That’s a lie, too.

Hermogenes Esperon, Ms Arroyo’s chief of staff:

This is a repacking center, meaning we will receive donations, repack them, then send them to evacuation centers where the flood victims are,

As the PDI is reporting:

Speaker Prospero Nograles proposed that the representatives fork out only P20,000 each as their contribution to the relief efforts.
He also rejected a call to make the Batasang Pambansa complex an evacuation center, citing security risks and the fact that Congress was in the middle of budget deliberations.



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