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A Filipino Bigot Named Joel Echavez (Updated With Echavez Tweet)

October 2, 2009

echsvez montage 1

I would much rather not write about this guy.

First impulse would be to unleash venom.

But that’s what this supposed 23-year-old Cebuano allegedly named Joel Echavez what’s his blog visitors to do.

Quite sardonically he hints at having gone through a near-death experience.

joel  echavez about

But his rant against his own race is most pathetic as it is condemnable

Here’s the image of the Facebook link to his blog as it first surfaced aroung mid-day of October 2:


This is just an excerpt:

echsvez montage 2

I will never show compassion to this country, I’d even make fun of the national anthem. You are proud to be a pinoy, you say? The fuck is wrong with you.. The Phils. got what it deserved. Ondoy should open our motherfuckin eyes, but Im guessin, give it about a month, this country will remain the same shithole that it is. Oh, Oh, get this, I heard that while the typhoon was goin down back there, and everybody was in panic, would you believe that there are people who would break in houses and STEAL shit?? Believe that! What the fuck is goin on with you people? So you see, lets not be compassionate about them or about ourselves. We, and I mean WE, deserved it. We deserved to be fucked, and not in the way normal people would want to get fucked, but fucked in a way that faggots wanna get fucked.

The easiest thing to do would be to dismiss the young man.

But the angst in him, his confusion, is too palpable to ignore.

Ending his blog post, Mr. Echavez (confident that he has caught the reader’s attention concludes:

I would like anyone reading this, to say a prayer for those families that are struggling, esp. at those provinces affected by the typhoon. And also for those messed up pinoys, that they would change, that the typhoon would open their eyes. For this country, that it would be worth living. That anyone who comes here in different races, be it koreans, or americans, or africans, jamaicans, blackanese, whaetever, wherever. That we will all live in harmony. Remember, only God can judge. Stop the corruption. The killing and all that. What the fuck have you got to prove? Lets make this country, from the fucked up shithole we call home, a better place.


Joel Echavez’s attempt at a 180-degree turn comes as a lame attempt at diluting his moronic rant.

I’m gravely worried about how many more ypoung Filipinos of Joel Echavez’s age are messed up the way he is.

How many of our young generation, the ones who represent the future, feel Philippine society, their society, is not worth saving and nurturing?

How do we save these bigots?


Minutes after this post the errant blog has vanished:

vanished blog

The young man’s Twitter page remains active with the URL to his blog still ‘clickable’ but now takes a surfer to the blogspot error page:

joel echavez twitter mast

Echavez has now quite sheepishly admitted he was “an asshole” for making thos disparaging remarks that has, in my book, singled him out as a bigot.:

Here’s what he’tweeted’:

joel echavez twitter post saying sorry

This, sort of, loops this post for now.

But I think this is not a public apology that approximates the vevom he heaped on all of us.

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  1. October 2, 2009 1:52 pm

    The smug bigot should be forewarned. He can get an Ondoy type deluge and get swept into Mactan Channel and he could get stuck on top of Lapulapu’s kampilan. Cebu has ABSOLUTELY NO FOREST COVER AT ALL and his Queen City of the Visayas is on a coastal strip and is just as hazard prone like Marikina. Wait until November when howlers can make a beeline for Cebu City!

    Should Cebuanos be blamed or get this treatment? Of course not. But this Bisaya probably deserves that!

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