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BlackProp Operations VS NoyNoy Starting?

October 8, 2009

noy posters montage

Is Liberal Party presidential standard bearer Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino being set up to be accused of violating  the Election Code?

This suspicion is spreading in the blogospere in the wake of Aquino campaign banners which are described as having “flooded” San Fernando Pampanga these past several weeks.

As least 20 different locations of the posters have been photographed and posted on the socnet site Facebook.

Ms. Leah Navarro, civil society group (Back and White) leader and Aquino campaigner appealed on her own FB page for people to help unmask those behind  the postering drive Navarro  says is

obviously an operation perpetrated to smear Noynoy Aquino’s good name. As far as we know, there is no PAMPANGA (M) group that is allied with Noynoy Aquino. All groups associated with Noynoy Aquino are well aware of the rules that limit or prohibit campaigning at this time, and therefore would not engage in this type of action, especially not in Pampanga, a known bailiwick of the present dispensation.

The gentlemen who posted the images, one Jerry Ocampo describes the situation thus:

A deluge of another kind has been flooding San Fernando City, Pampanga, for over 4 weeks now. These banners comprise just a fraction of the hundreds that festoon the city, compliment of Noynoy’s overenthusiastic friends who call themselves Pampanga (M). Ondoy and Pepeng had been powerless to dislodge these unsightly rags.

My own gut feel tells me this could very well be the opening phase of on the ground, as well as online black prop operations against Sen. Aquino, along with almost daily hate text messages against Noynoy and his quite self-absorbed celebrity sister Kris.

The poison texts have been targeting premium numbers of Smart and Globe telecoms subscribers.

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