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NASA Bombs The Moon As Pres. Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

October 10, 2009

obama nobel medal montage



This is hilariously serious if not seriously hilarious.

On the same day that US President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize comes news of his nation’s space agency blasting the moon with a two-megaton bomb in search for water!!!

To be fair, Mr. Obama, a great friend of the Philippines, said he is humbled by his surprise selection, quite eloquently addIng that the accolade (which comes with a $1.4-M cash grant) is really a recognition of America’s commitment to peace:

I doff my hat to that.

That his winning the Nobel Peace Prize was thoroughly unexpected was conceded by the American leader himself who noted that it coincided with his dog’s birthday. 

Russian television, in fact, chose to highlight this fact in its own report that was thick with incredulity:

Now for the OTHER story: the bombing of the moon:

NASA is still figuring out if the bombing did turn up traces of water so it may not be fair to pooh-pooh the quite spectacular effort.

Kinda quirky though why they didn’t just send over a remote driller to bore for water like it’s done here.

But hell, what do we know?

Bombing the moon while winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cheeky, huh?

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