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Damning The Dam: How Napocor Turned San Roque Into A Killer

October 13, 2009

san roque dam release montage

It usually takes a while from surprise to progress from dismay, to anger and then rage.

But seeing the images of San Roque Dam disgorging the equivalent of one billion balikbayan boxes tumbling at the rate of 5,000 cartons per second rumbling down to 10 hapless towns in Pangasinan province last Thursday leaves one cursing not the heavens but the folly of men, arrogantly indifferent men.

(Refer to the PDI account here:

Pangasinan governor Amado Espino Jr was just on a phone patch this morning on ABS-CBN so he was restrained as officials of the National Power Corporation led by their spokesman, Dennis Gana, and main dam operations engineer Romualdo Bernal, asserted matter-of-factly that the state-owned power firm is “blameless.”

Some piece of work these two gentlemen are!!!

I can’t but think how this must reflect the attitude of their boss, Energe Secretary Amgelo Reyes, and Reys’ own bosslady, Gloria Macapagal Aroyo.

Command responsibility is the operative principle here, one would think.

But most deplorably, I feel it in my gut that justice for the flood victims will be waylaid, no matter if a class action suit does issue.

I am wondering what former president Fidel Valdez Ramos, Pangasinan’s most illustrious son, has to say.

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