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The Killer Floods And Climate Change As Alibi

October 15, 2009


It was a face-off at the Senate between the Committee on Climate Change and the emerging culprits, the guys from the seemingly omnipotent National Power Corporation.

The exact same people who raised the floodgates of San Roque dam that turn it into the killer of nearly 400 people in the villages that lay in the path of the dam.

pangasinan flood

(A full account of the hearing is here:

The Napocor president is being summoned to the next hearing but the people of Pangasinan, speaking through their officials, can be forgiven for concluding this early that it was criminal incompetence that destroyed their towns and killed their people.

And my guess is Napocor will wash its hand and point to climate change as the root cayuse of all our problems.

The alibi floating almost has a sinister ring to it.

But without absolving man’s folly in this disaster, one must surely take pause bout how indeed our environment’s balance has dramatically been altered.

Our seasons are no longer like they used to be … summer is roiling  hot and the wet season dumps monstrous volumes of water – the situation aggravated by barren mountain sides and plains that once served as natural absorbers of excess rains.

Thanks to human abuse, climate is indeed changing: it is getting back at us.


Unless we ourselves change, our “pale blue dot,”,  as Carl Sagan so quaintly described Planet Earth, will wither away and die.


Today is Blog Action Day  on Climate Change.

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  1. October 18, 2009 9:37 am

    The earth’s climate has ALWAYS been changing. This we know from geology. There is no evidence that for example typhoons and hurricanes have increased their annual numbers. What has increased are OUR numbers. The effect of severe weather is not so much a function of weather as how ADAPTED to it a given society is. In our case the thing that really made this problem worse was overcrowding in dangerous places with shoddy housing and poor, ignorant, superstitious people, who even in good times have suffered mightily and as much. The impact only seems greater because of modern media giving us instantaneous feedback.

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