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Erap Estrada Unveils His Presidential Comeback Bid

October 22, 2009

erap comeback montage

T’was a vintage Erap Estrada performance all the way.

The venue, Moriones, Tondo, harked back to his screen persona as the toughie-Robin Hood ‘Asyong Salonga while his declaration that “this will be the last performance of my life,” had the former president swearing that he’d reclaim Malacanang “para sa Masang Pilipino (for the Filipino Masses).

Mincing no words, Mr. Estrada slammed “power-hungry elitists for spreading lies that led to (EDSA II) political flood that led to my evacuation from Malacanang.”

Not only does Mr. Estrada expect to regain the presidency but his family honor, a mission he failed to accomplish in the lifetime of his recently deceased mother, Dona Mary.

He’s pushing the envelope, using the legal premise that all his political rights had been restored when President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave him a presidential pardon.

Never mind the key prefatory phrase in the pardon that he would not seek public office again.

This is the deal that has the Palace now taking backroom maneuvers to disqualify Estrada should he really file a certificate of candidacy by the 30th of November.

I concede no one can begrudge Erap from playing this blockbuster political movie in his mind.

I seriously doubt, however, if his worn out script will sell.

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