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Political Vision, ‘Trapoism’, And Necropolitics

October 22, 2009


Messages alternately resonant and disturbing emerged from the latest forum featuring presumptive presidential candidates in the 2010 election.

There he was former president Joseph Estrada all but admitting that he tolerated, nay, allowed the illegal numbers game of jueteng to flourish during his abbreviated reign.

Quite lamely, Mr. Estrada said that since the poor jueteng ‘cabos’ depended on jueteng for livelihood he could not simply shut it down.

Talk about bankruptcy of political will and integrity given that among the charge Erap was found guilty of was his pocketing jueteng protection money.

t would have been instructive in the least to hear touted opinion survey leaders Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino expound on the gambling issue, given its link to deeply-rooted corruption.

But the two senators were no-shows, with ABS-CBN reporting the neither of them wanted to participate unless the other ‘survey leader’ was there.

Only one interpretation is possible: Aquino and Villar have become deluded by hubris that they don’t think they don’t need to give the Flipino electorate any insight into their avowed commitment to social reforms, while subscribing to their handlers’ warped thinking that “less talk means less mistake.”

What the!!!???

noynoy manny montage

Between Sen. Villar’s brand of trapo-esque political gimmicks and Sen. Noynoy’s seeming belief that ‘necro-politics’ will send him to Malacanang, what’s there to hope for if they come to power?

This writer is not writing off these two gentlemen yet, but they better get their acts together soon if they don’t want their poll numbers’ to plummet, along with their power dreams.

Which brings me to the straight forward, and steely manner, Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero addressed the question on gambling:

chiz official photo  in suit 1

I disagree that any numbers game or gambling for that matter should be used as a policy tool to improve the quality of life of our people.

I do not subscribe to the idea that government itself should be engaged in gambling.

There is a clear case of conflict of interest where government is the regulator and operator at the same time.

Escudero said there are clearly more moral ways of providing livelihood to the people who rely on these games for their daily needs.

The Senator hit it right on the head when he told the forum that studies showed how  problematic gamblers often deal drugs, embezzle, or steal to get money to gamble or to pay for gambling debts.

Escudero noted further how “immoral entertainment” provided in and near gambling houses fuel prostitution and sexual immorality.

He said that legalizing other forms of gambling would not be the best alternative for providing people with employment.

“Gambling creates more problems than solutions to the economy of the country, along with  increasing crime in areas where gambling is most active,” Escudero pointed out.

On this singular point, you have my vote, Mr. Senator.

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