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The 2010 Elections And ‘Political Courtesanship’

October 27, 2009

rp olitical wasteland posters

I believe the claim of a certain aspirant for high office who asserts having been cheated out of the coveted post years back.

I believe the figure’s commitment to protecting and preserving the nation’s provenance is his abiding concern.

I want to believe that the wannabee is a patriot.

But the declared candidate loses me when this entity’s talk and walk are  that of a trapo, a traditional politician whose foremost loyalty is to one’s self and narrow political ends.

This personality insists on identifying with Filipinos seeking accountable and transparent governance with premium on integrity.

But how come these past months the politician’s actions and pronouncements tend to cast doubts on this political leader’s commitment to genuine government structure and policy reformr,  and vision-driven politics.

The public record disturbingly shows him in active talks to be the running mate of this and that wannabe far removed from the vision and reforms the personality so cheaply mouths with ‘put-on conviction’.

And you know what the sticky point in these talks have been?

Not platform details nor basic political precepts but about  ‘logistical’ details?

Is it any wonder if the person ends up waiting for Godot?

rp olitical wasteland

Zooming out, our political landscape, has been described by not a few as a wasteland strewn with the carcasses of bygone political leaders, dead and undead, leaders unlamented who held power in trust but betrayed that trust.

It behooves us to begin the effort of cleaning up the wasteland in 2010, and allow reforms versus corruption and social inequity to take root.

Leave the trapos and pretenders by the wayside we must.

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