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Fr. Michael Sinnott Is Freed After Being The MILF’s Latest Prop To Toy With Malacanang (3nd Update)

November 2, 2009


ABS-CBN reported just minutes ago that Fr. Michael  Sinnot has been freed from captivity at 4:25 this morning

No other details are available other than the fact that the Columban priest is now with the Western Mindanao Command in Zamboanga City, quoting Gen. Benjamin Dolorfino.

During the hostage crisis, authorities put on a united face and forswore  in any ransom payment to buy the freedom of Sinnott who was kidnapped last October 11.


Press Secretary Cerge Remonde:

We will do everything to ensure his safe release. We will, however, stick to the international policy of paying no ransom. Our security forces, in coordination with local crisis management committee is in charge of the situation.

Western Mindanao Command chief Maj. Gen. Ben Dolorfino:

There is no such thing as Abu Jayad that exists in the Abu Sayyaf Group. It is obvious that the kidnappers are using a fictitious identity to mislead operating troops.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, chair of the CBCP committee on public affairs:

That’s the policy of the government. It should stand by that policy so that (the kidnappers) would no longer be emulated.

I’ve really resisted commenting on this, balancing the need to let authorities do their thing and not second guessing the imperatives of governance (which the Malacanang tenants wield) and acceptance of the fact that caving in to ransom demands ultimately lead to more abductions.

But are we going to just sit on our hands while the government remain unable to assert its authority???

Don’t we also ‘encourage’ crime by failing at even the basic demands of law and order.

You have the interminable KFRs (kidnaps-for-ransom) down south, and here in the city you have motorcycle-riding, trigger-happy gunmen ambushing ordinary families in vans!

Whatever happened to the sworn duty of government to keep us safe and secure in our persons!!!

Fr Michael Sinnott IN CAPTIVITY

Failing at it’s task, government even resorts to castigating the news media for airing the ‘proof-of-life’ video of Father Sinnot as “helping the abductors gain publicity.”

What is woefully apparent yet again, given their need for replenished ‘operating funds,’ the Moro bandits have resumed their KFR cottage industry while the ever usreful tag of “rogue elements of the MILF”  being appended to the abductors with the MILF being portrayed as “helping in the negotiations”.

In truth, and in practice, the MILF has been the long-time puppeteer playing all of us for fools!!!

1st Update:

Authorities made a show this week of given a no-progress update on Fr. Sinnott’s condition except to denounce what most of us know already: that supposed rogue members of the MILF are holding the Columban priest and that “the local crisis committee is considering all options to end the month-long abduction including a military rescue.”

That’s the official line, that’s now coupled with the reality that the intended resumption of GRP-MILF peace talks will remain just a pipe dream so long as Fr. Sinnott is in captivity.

Philippines Kidnapped Priest(Associated Press photo)

The only comforting aspect has been that the ‘proof of life video’ of the missiionary showed him in better than expected physical health even as we all worry that his health may not hold up given his advanced age.

The MILF for its part is huffing that Manila it is “unfair” for Manila to link Sinnott’s abduction to the peace talks.

Who are these guys fooling???

2nd Update:

The MILF has all but confirmed that one of its ground commanders is behind the abduction of Reverend Sinnott.

But the MILF’s ‘peace negotiator’ is digging in.

MILF chief peace negotiator Mohagher Iqbal:

It’s complicated. He (Aloy Al Asree, a commander of more than 3,000 men) might be arrested if he shows up at the (government) crisis management committee.

How mush more mocking will Manila take before it decides to rescue the 79-year olf. Columban missionar, one wonders???

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