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The Election ‘Gun Ban’ And Our Sorry State (Retitled and Updated)

November 6, 2009


I hate to start the week with a rant.

But what a crock of sh’t if this?: The government of the day huffing and puffing yet again that will  do a full court press against unlicensed firearms, with the Commission on Elections even declaring “a total gun ban” during the election period.”

Today our newspapers are plastered with the images of the gun ban checkpoint and reports of several cops and civilians being collared in Metro Manila for violating the gun ban.

Who are you jokers kidding???

The only time when people, for a moment, thought the law against illegal possession of firearms was something to be feared was when action star Robin Padilla served time for the crime.

But beyond that, and the occasional conviction of nobodies, the law has large been ignored.

A total gun ban?

Tell that to the thousands of Moro rebels and the gun-toting private armies of the political warlords in Mindanao.

One realizes that we don’t only have a mis-governed society but large tracts of our land are ungoverned and lawless.

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