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Arroyo’s Lapdogs: Stirring The Political Waters, Deluding Themselves

November 7, 2009

GMA SWArmedPresident Arroyo’s sycophants, errrgh spokesmen-cum-mind readers are finally admitting that her endorsement may be a ‘kiss of death’ for the administration’s chosen presidential bet.

But they are, of course, not blaming Mrs. Arroyo herself but the news media “negative attitude” toward Pres. Arroyo and how public mistrust for her is rubbing off on Defesence Secretary Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro.

They even add, for good measure (to better confuse the public), that while her term as president ends next year she’ll stave off riding into the political sunset by trying her hand at running for vice president, playing second fiddle to Teodoro!!!

Cheeky huh?

The statements:


Pampanga first district Rep. Carmelo Lazatin:

She said she felt she was not contributing positively to the candidacy of Teodoro so it would be better for her to resign and give way to younger leaders. Mrs. Arroyo lamented the negative attitude of the media towards her, which she thought was adversely affecting the chances of Teodoro in the presidential elections. She said she wanted younger leaders to take over (the Lakas-Kampi-CMD).

Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez:

Mrs. Arroyo  may run for vice president in 2010 to push for “fiscal reforms and crucial legislation. Arroyo would be an “asset” to anyone who would become president.

Atty. Romulo Macalintal:

We know that Dec. 1 is the deadline (of the filing of the certificates of candidacy) so people will know by Dec. 1 whether she will run or not.

The people will not be surprised anymore if she will run so I think let’s wait for the situation to unfold.

It’s not that she’s undecided, but it has not entered her mind whether she’ll be running or would be running in the forthcoming political exercise.

There is no legal obstacle if in case Mrs. Arroyo decides to seek public office again.

She told me that she has not said anything about running but these are all opinions of some critics.

So go ahead guys, keep on shuffling your cards and peering into your myopic crystal balls.

Ingratiate yourselves to Mrs. Arroyo.

Not to worry.

Filipinos already hate you anyway.

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