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Philippines Losing Fight VS Corruption – US Millenium Challenge Corporation

November 10, 2009

The Philippines has chalked up dismal scores anew in the US Millennium Challenge Corporation’s score cards, with the failure to stem corruption sorely standing out.

The MCC tallies measure how a prospective anti-poverty development aid recipient-nation has worked towards ruling justly, promoting economic freedom, and investing in people.

Before we look at the scorecards, here’s how they are read, as indicated by the MCC:

Each MCC Candidate Country receives an annual scorecard assessing its performance in 3 policy categories: Ruling Justly, Investing in People,
and Economic Freedom.

Under the name of each indicator is the country’s score and percentile ranking in its income peer group (0% is worst; 50% is the median; 100% is best). Under each country’s percentile ranking is the peer group median. Country performance is evaluated relative to the peer group median.

Scores above the median,represented with green, meet the performance standard. Scores at or below the median, represented with red, do not meet the performance standard.

The black line that runs along the horizontal axis represents the peer group median.

Each World Bank Institute indicator is accompanied by a margin of error, which is represented by the vertical blue bar.

Let’s now study each score cards per governance category:

In the areas of political rights, government effectiveness, and voice and accountability show the Philippines well above the median scores in comparison to other countries.

But these high points are seemingly negated by the red marks for control of corruption and the rule of law!!!

These findings put to shame the Arroyo administration’s claims that it is resolutely battling corruption and upholding human rights.

The data also proves the vacuity of the assertions of Malacanang’s talking heads that the President unpopularity and widespread public mistrust is “the fault of the mass media’s negative attitude and the recycling of old issues.”
The score card for economic freedom meanwhile indicates that business start-ups are in the red, along with below median scores in fiscal policy.

These are manifested in how economic growth is really more consumer driven with new business investments being anemic, given uncertainties and doubts about the playing field being level.

Now the score card about investing in people, the nation’s human capital presents a woeful picture, indeed.

Health care spending, including the critical aspect of providing immunizations are well in the red, together with the inadequacy of public spending for basic education!

It is only in the area of the management of natural resources that the government has something to cheer about.

I am curious about how Malacanang will try to explain away these findings, with their release ‘coincidentally’ timed ahead with visit this Thursday of the American Secretary of State.

Hillary_Clinton_with_Gloria_Macapagal-Arroyo_2-6-09(Sec. Clinto receiving Pres. Arroyo at the State Department last February)

But more than Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s tete-a-tete with her Filipina host,  the Arroyo administration’s going away score cards from the Millenium Challenge Corporation will almost certainly translate in Filipinos not getting new American development aid focused on fighting the scourge of poverty.

This is the result of unmitigated corruption in the public sector. Baah!!!

(The full MCC news release and country score cards are here: )


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