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Pleasantries Aside, Hillary Blasts Corruption As ‘Corrosive’, Hits Leaders Who Amass Wealth Illegally

November 13, 2009

hillary gloria montagge 1

Not to be denied, and quite properly, Malacanang pulled out all the stops yesterday as it gave US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a red carpet welcome comparable to a visiting head of state.

Of course the ‘state dinner menu was not like Le Cirque but it was elegantly Filipino.

The conferment of the usual high diplomatic citation, the Philippine Order of Sikatuna, Rank of Datu, came and President Arroyo and Secretary Clinton warmly chatted like the good friends that they are.

The top American diplomat, too,  bore a generous gift of some $5-M in new aid for the Philippines.

Taking the spotlight, Mrs. Clinton pitched for the controversial Visiting Forces Agreement and praised the peace moves in the southern Philippines with Malacanang happily reporting that the freedom of abducted Irish priest Michael Sinnott was obtained just hours before she arrived.

gma with sinnott

The pleasantries aside, the US Secretary of State then went short of doing a reprise of President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech warning one year ago about certain leaders being on the ‘wrong side of history’.


Secretary Clinton blasted corruption and leaders who amass wealth while holding the reins of power:

Malacanang is keeping a stiff upper lip about this.

But I am sure the message was LOUD AND CLEAR.

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